SNPJ Farm founded in 1939.


Cleveland SNPJ Recreation Grounds

    The Cleveland Federation of SNPJ Lodges started looking in 1929 for property suitable for their Slovenski Dom.  Finally the Federation had money to purchase property on Heath Road in Kirtland, Ohio.  The SNPJ Recreation Grounds was founded in 1939 and the Founders Farm Board consisted of twenty-four men representing six Lodges.  The Ladies Auxiliary Founders consisted of eighteen women in 1949.  The 1999 Recognition Plaque on the dining-side wall of the kitchen memorializes about fifteen dozen dedicated SNPJ women and men who worked hard to promote activities at the Farm and to continue our Slovenian heritage.

    The Recreation Grounds consists of  the Pavilion, a Clubroom in the caretaker's house, three auxiliary buildings, picnic tables, balina courts, playground equipment, an outdoor stage, horseshoe pits, walking areas, a soccer field, basketball courts, softball field, and a defunct putt-putt golf course.  This complex was built in a rural area as our Slovenski Dom out in the country or on the Farm.  These Recreation Grounds are for the enjoyment of SNPJ Members and their families and the friends of SNPJ.  There is a Slovenian drying rack or kozolec, one Linden or Lipa tree which was planted in 2004 to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of the founding of SNPJ, and other Slovenian memorabilia to promote our Slovenian heritage.

    The Farm or Recreation Grounds provides enjoyment by activities such as, but not limited to, dinners, dances, banquets, pancake breakfasts to begin and end the SNPJ season, the annual Grape Festival in the fall, singing, Slovenian activities, balina, horseshoes, walking, children playground, hay rides, softball, and soccer.  From May through October, SNPJ Lodges and Federation groups have dinner/dances each Sunday featuring delicious dinners and sandwiches and bands favoring the Cleveland style polkas.  The Farm is available for rent on Saturdays and other days to support the operation of the Farm.  The current Farm Board thank all the people who built the SNPJ Farm and the many people, including the Friends of the Farm, who come to and support our SNPJ functions.